Casper’s Lost Arrow Archers Club Hosts the Second Leg of Their 3-D Triple Crown

Lost Arrow Archers
Lost Arrow Archers
Published: Mar. 18, 2023 at 7:44 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Archers from around Casper gathered at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds for the 3-D Triple Crown event hosted by the Lost Arrow Archer’s Club.

This was just one of the events that the club hosts throughout the year, and president of the club Jordan Besler talks about the different events that they hold.

He said, “We run indoor tournaments all throughout the winter. So this is our 3-D Triple Crown so these are 3-D foam animals you see behind me. We do this every February, March, and April. We also run stuff from January, February, even in November for Vegas style paper targets at 20 yards. Then we have a summer series as well in May and June.”

Although these events primarily have people shooting targets, they change each one up quite a bit to give different feels.

This event in particular, the 3-D Triple Crown, has targets set up that resemble animals ranging from skunks, to rabbits, all the way to bigger animals such as elk.

Talking about where they get these targets , Besler says, “We order these things in bulk... When these targets come in, after a shoot like this they’ll get torn up pretty good so fortunately they have little inserts in the middle and we can just replace the inserts and not have to buy the entire animals. Folks that come out here really enjoy this type of event because it simulates bow hunting in a way.”

The Lost Arrow Archer’s club has a range that they take care of on Casper mountain, and these shoots provide a way to fundraise the maintenance for the range.

Besler said, “When we do these shoots, our club is tasked with a couple primary things. One, fostering and promoting the sport of archery. Second we do all of the maintenance on Casper Mountain. so when we do these shoots, it’s a fundraiser of sorts so we can take care of the archery range on Casper Mountain.

Besler was recently elected as president of the club, and he wants to continue what the previous president has helped set up.

“Lost Arrow Archers has been around since at least the 70′s. I’ve been the club president since this Fall, I’m newly elected. Our previous president Neil Rubush did a phenomenal job, he’s responsible for a lot of the cool stuff we got going on now. So, just trying to carry that on and bring more people into the club.”

Jordan Besler, originally from Florida, moved out to Wyoming and he immediately felt just how supportive the community is.

“The folks out here are phenomenal. If you need something, most people in this building right now will give you the shirt off their back, it’s what makes this club so special,” said Besler.

Whether it’s bowmen who have been doing this for most of their lives, or people newer with the sport, president of the club Besler, as well as the club, welcomes anyone who wants to come down and give it a shot.

This club will have your back, as Besler said, “If you never shot a bow before, and you come down to one of our shoots, somebody’s going to help you out, probably twenty people will help you out.”

Anyone of any age can learn how to shoot, and one young shooter talks about how it was for him to get into the sport.

Archer Raleigh talks of his experience, saying, “It can be challenging. It’s definitely one of those sports where it can anger you so much, because it can take an hour or two deciding one pin and it can just be... It’s not that it gets you angry but once you do get it inside it can be super fun and enjoyable.”

The Lost Arrow Archer’s Club will be hosting another event March 19th at the Fairgrounds again at 8:00 A.M.