Lawmakers look at abortion bills as they move into concurrence on Thursday

Published: Mar. 3, 2023 at 12:01 AM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - On Thursday, lawmakers move their bills across the finish line as Legislators wrap up their final week.

The Life is a Human Right act, and the Prohibiting Chemical Abortions bill were heard today and voted on concurrence.

This is where both chambers agree and sign off on the final draft of the bills.

The Senate made amendments to the Life act, some of which included viability, medical treatments, miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies and would require reporting incest or rape to law enforcement to access abortions.

Lawmakers also stripped out intervention in litigation by the state or third parties.

According to lawmakers, the ‘Life act’ also becomes effective immediately with the Governor’s signature.

”The 14th amendment guarantees a right to life, and pre-born children are human beings. So what house bill 152 and 109 that have been passed by both chambers does is confirm that wyoming believes that pre-born children have a right to life,” said Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, H.D. 50. -HB 152 Sponsor.

”That’s an inalienable right, and that’s what I struggle with the idea, that health care is the ending of another life,” said Chip Neiman, H.D. 01. Co-Sponsor.

Critics say this bill runs against constitutionality and will face immediate litigation, costing taxpayers more than money.

”It’s going to cost women healthcare. Its going to cost some women the ability to go tot he doctor when they are in a miscarriage and be able to get the services that they need because doctors are going to be afraid to then, its going to cost women their lives,” said Rep. Karlee Provenza, H.D.45.

Further, lawmakers say this is not what Wyoming is about.

”This is the equality state, this is a state that’s prided itself on this ‘live and let live’ ideology. This legislation this year that has attacked women, is an attack on that ideology and its an attack on democracy, and I think it flies in the face of the state of Wyoming... We should all be offended,” said Provenza.