New AG Club at school learning in and out of the classroom

A local elementary school has embarked on a multi-year adventure.
Published: Feb. 28, 2023 at 7:29 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - A local elementary school has embarked on a multi-year adventure. Students are now participating in the raising of chickens, from yolk to fine-feathered-friend.

What began as a simple classroom project at Sagewood Elementary grew into what is now an agriculture club at the school, as principal Anna Lavin explains.

“It was actually kind of a random idea that came up between some teachers. Out of a book study that we had done. It was an idea that we heard had happened in another building.”

Principal Lavin says the partnership built between Sagewood and the Pathways Innovation Center has been a huge help.

“Rob Hill, the construction teacher over at Pathways Innovation, was kind enough to take it on. So his team over there, built it for us. Then as we ran into a couple of different things, as it’s been on campus here, they’ve come over and supported. To seal up a door, or do different pieces with that.”

The new chicken coop sits right on school grounds, just outside a classroom. Having the AG Club raise and take care of the chickens provides life lessons you can’t find in books.

“The experience of it,” Lavin says. “So, we have the standards that are driving behind that. There’s a lesson in all of it, that’s aligned to the different standards that as a state we’re required to teach to. But this is an experience outside of the sit-and-get or or even the traditional pieces.”

AG Club students, like fourth grader Amelia Patterson, have been able to observe the chickens from the time they were eggs in an incubator.

“We get to feed them. Like bring them food and water. We have to pick up their poop. We get to hang out with them and play with them sometimes. And we just take care of them.”

When asked something interesting that she has learned, Amelia offered this nugget of info...

“And... One of the teachers taught us that if you hold a chicken by their legs, and pick them upside down... They fall asleep. I don’t know why...”

As for the poultry themselves? Almost anytime I got close, they’d scurry away. I guess you could just call them... Well... You know.