Legislature celebrates Military Day and the diversification of business

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 7:32 AM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Thursday was a big day in the legislature. We celebrated Military day and the Diversification of business in the state.”

The capitol celebrated Military day with the life of Major Theodore Williams Gostas, a veteran who overcame atrocities by making something beautiful out of something ugly.

His son Demetrius Gostas was there to accept his father’s honor.

“He was my hero,” said Demetrius.

Major Gostas was a prisoner during the Vietnam war. He was captured and tortured for over four years for his connection to u-s intelligence.

Upon coming home to Wyoming, Gostas took solace in art painting his pain, taking catharsis in sharing his experience.

His artwork is now featured in Chicago and permanently in a P.O.W. center in Florida.

“Cheyenne and Wyoming have been such a fantastic support for him that it was an honor to come by ad accept this award for him,” said Demetrius,

Major Gostas died two days before he was to receive his award.

Next, Major General Gregory Porter was in front of the legislature, representing the face of the brave men and women who defend our country.

With the recent downturn in enlistment, Porter reminds us of what it takes to be the military.

“Service to something greater than yourself, whether it’s your state, your nation, your fellow soldiers, that service piece is so important for us,” said Porter

Finally, what could be more Wyoming than agriculture, business, and education rolled into one project?

That’s exactly what the company Plenty and the Governor did.

“It’s just a wonderful happy marriage of one of our most important industries one of the three legs of our stool and expanding that and expanding Wyoming’s footprint worldwide,” said Gov. Mark Gordon.

The indoor agriculture research growing center will become the state’s newest grower securing our food supply.

“Let’s harvest a product today and have it immediately on the shelf tomorrow. That’s our goal,” Arama Kukutai, C.E.O. of Plenty.

And Wyoming’s future.

”It shows the great opportunity and the excitement around what’s possible. It shows the other states what we can achieve,” said Josh Dorell, C.E.O. of the Wyoming Business Council.

The Chief Science Officer is a proud local boy done good.

This Central High School Graduate and the University of Wyoming Ph.D. developed the science behind the AG. business that received a 20 million dollar grant from the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board.

“Hey maybe Wyoming is a place where i can build a business, raise a family, do all the things that I want to do in technology, in science in whatever the thing is, and know that state is excited and supportive,” said Storey.