The Canyon County Spuds Relocate Baseball Team to Casper

Updated: Dec. 20, 2022 at 4:30 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - There is a new baseball team coming to Casper this summer.

Just a few days ago, the Canyon County Spuds announced that they are relocating to Casper for the upcoming summer season.

This comes after the Horseheads recently announced that they will close their operations after four years. The Spuds and the Horseheads competed against each other last summer six times where the Spuds won four games out of six.

The owner of the Spuds, Jeff Dobish, couldn’t be more excited about the move and he plans to bring a new culture to the city of Casper.

“We’re not going to wait for the city of Casper to accept us, we’re going to come to town and work our butts off to prove to them that we’re different people, we have a different philosophy, and it’s all about the youth,” Dobish said. “It’s less about baseball and more about getting the family out on the town and having a good time.”

Dobish wants the Spuds to become part of the culture of Casper and a part of the people’s lives. He wants people of all ages to buy into the Spuds and become part of the team.

“We’ve got to make Spuds baseball part of people’s lives, a part of their culture, and a part of their growing up so people can say ‘man I’ve been going to Spuds games for 15 years, this is just what we do in Casper.,” Dobish said. “But we’re also going to go old school. We’re going to bring back the Casper ghosts. We’re going to have a fifth uniform that’s going to be dedicated to how baseball was.”

With the new team coming to town, Dobish knows the first thing to do to garnish the attention of Casper residents is simply to win.

“First and foremost you’ve got to win. You’ve got to bring winning players in. People want to come to the ballpark and want to be excited. We may lose on a walk-off home run, we may win one. One of the most exciting games last year in Casper was when the Horseheads came back and beat the Spuds… You can watch it; the place was going crazy,” Dobish said.

Dobish not only wants the Spuds to be involved in baseball but also more entertainment events for Casper. He’s been working with the city of Casper as well as Parks and Recreation to plan events this upcoming summer.

“We’re just not going to do the concessions and the tickets and stuff at the Spuds games. We’re also going to do the legion games. We’re going to bring in concerts, events, and fireworks, we may have cornhole championships. Maybe a symphony or a rock concert there in the park and really bring that back to what it should be,” Dobish said. “But we’re going to handle all the food and concessions and truly be a part of the city and parks and recreation.”

The Casper Spuds will be playing at Mike Lansing Field, where the Horseheads played their home games. They will also be playing this upcoming summer in the Independence League Baseball in which they played last year.

Tickets for the Spuds will go on sale in the new year on January 15th.