Tis the season...for stopping the sickness spread.

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 12:27 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - As the holiday season rolls around, we often gather together and celebrate the season with loved ones.

But with winter comes cold and flu season and all the illnesses that arrive with it.

Local health officials want us to start thinking about our wellness, especially over the holiday season.

As winter rolls around, R.S.V. ( Respiratory syncytial virus) Flu, Covid-19 and vaccine boosters become more important as we head off to visit with family and friends.

”We are experiencing all three respiratory viruses at the same time this year. So we are seeing increased cases of RSV particularly in children, and Flu ‘A’ as well in children, along with Covid,” Kasey Mullins, Director of Nursing Cheyenne Laramie County Public Health.

Last week the Laramie County Health staff said they had 87 cases of Covid-19.

As of Tuesday, the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) had five Covid-19 patients, one in I.C.U. and three pediatric R.S.V. patients, with more over the past three weeks.

Before we head out to gathering or hosting parties, it’s important to make sure our immunizations and vaccines are up to date, especially to protect the littlest or oldest among us.

“Then making sure that your significant other or spouse is vaccinated within the last ten years and then really grandparents as well right? So those that are going to make frequent contact with the baby. So that when that baby doesn’t have its own immunity yet, they are protected as well,” says Mullins.

Luckily numbers of severe illness cases remain low, but taking steps this season will keep it that way.

Getting boosters for whooping, flu shots and Covid can help the most vulnerable and help everyone have a great holiday season.

“Children especially under the age of a year and older adults can experience more complicated symptoms. So we just want people to be aware that please stay home if you are having cold and flu symptoms,” said Mullins.

Parents should watch out for symptoms of dehydration and labored breathing in little ones and seek urgent medical health if the lips of nailbeds start turning blue.

And if you feel sick, stay home to stop the spread.

Health officials also remind everyone to continue to wipe down common surfaces with disinfectants, wash hands with soap, and cover themselves when coughing and sneezing to avoid making others sick.