Local experts give tips to prep for winter

Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 12:18 AM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - With Winter weather moving in, it’s important to know how to keep you and your family warm, while also staying safe.

After a gorgeous Fall, parts of Wyoming received their first snowfall of the season. Which has many of us, especially those new to the Equality State, suddenly thinking about Winter prep.

When going outside in the bitter cold, it’s important to keep your body temperature up to prevent hypothermia or frostbite. To stay warm outside, Kristin Wilson of Gear Up and Get Out There says, “Layers. Lots of Layers. Wicking material that keeps your body heat in (and) draws out the moisture. So any type of layers.”

Before moving to Wyoming, my mom encouraged me to get a kit for my car, should I ever get stuck somewhere. But... what exactly should I put in it? Chuck Morris of Chuck’s Auto Repair Service has a few ideas. “I keep a safety kit in my car. It’s something that stays in there year ‘round. I’ve got a small sleeping bag, a candle. (But) Not just a regular candle. Because up here, you can go to any sporting goods store and get a heat candle like you can put in a tent. As for me? I’m a fatty, so I have a couple MRE’s in there as well.”

After a hard day of work, many of us like to go home and warm-up by the fire. But keeping the chimney clean and fireplace inspected can be crucial. Steve Schicketanz, owner of Magic City Stoves, explains. “So on a gas fireplace, you want to have it cleaned, because bugs can get in there. Dirt and grime can build up over the years. But also, the bigger thing with the gas is the burners can crack. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, a hairline crack can cause all kinds of problems. And it can be dangerous.”

Keeping these things in mind can go a long way in helping us stay warm... and safe... this Winter.