Cheyenne Police Department talks about South High and safety

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 10:02 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -As a follow-up to the South High bomb threat, we spoke to the Cheyenne Police Department about what happened on Tuesday and asked them what the procedure looks like when students are threatened.

“The initial threat is a shooting threat, so officers are going to handle that as a shooting threat, and that last thing we want to do is at that point is fill the hallway with students at that point. So we want to keep them contained look for the threats,” says Capt. David Janes, Services Captain, CPD.

The Cheyenne Police Department gave a breakdown of what they did on Tuesday.

South High started the day with its monthly drill. This month was an active shooter drill.

Police say shortly after 10 am on Tuesday, 911 received a call with a suspect threatening to shoot South High.

Over two dozen officers and sheriff’s deputies were sent to the school to secure the location as the on-campus resource officer started the lockdown procedure.

Working with school administrators, students were placed into a secure perimeter, where students weren’t allowed in the hallways, and outer doors were locked.

Officers then proceeded to search the school for threats.

According to police, moments later, a safe-to-tell tip came in about a possible bomb threat and an additional shooter.

Once the school was cleared of any threats, they searched for the phone the 911 call was made from and the student who made the call.

“Until a device is located, you have no way to know where to send people if you’re going to do an evacuation. So there’s no way to do a safe evacuation on just a blanket threat because the last thing you would want to do is send the kids evacuating to where they might be a device,” says Janes.

Police say once they located the juvenile, officers wrote a probable cause affidavit to the District Attorney for the prosecution of Terroristic threats. He was then released to his parents.

LCSD1 also sent reminders to parents today to sign up for the “reminds” school app to get all of the notifications in an emergency.