A school bomb threat keeps students inside South High

Parents and students allege they were only informed of a bomb threat after the danger was cleared
Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 8:00 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -Neither parents nor students knew about the bomb threat early Tuesday morning at South High.

Mom Alisha Moreno was surprised when she pulled up to the high school to pick up a sick-feeling son to discover an active bomb threat inside.

She was told of the lockdown by a fellow Mom Candida Lucero who had received a text from her daughter, who was still locked inside the school and not allowed to leave.

“If it wasn’t for Ms. Candida here I wouldn’t have known what was going on, I wasn’t notified by the school, at all what so ever, " said Moreno.

As early as 10:17 a.m., students were texting their parents.

At 10:20 a.m., the Cheyenne Police Department (CPD) informed through a 911 call that an active bomb threat had arrived at South High School.

“They didn’t tell us, said Lucero, Mom of 9th Grade South High Student Miracle Gonzales.

“We’ve been waiting for about an hour,” said Allysha Moreno, Mom of South High Student

“They didn’t tell us anything. They didn’t want to give any information. They didn’t even send out alerts to anybody, but at 10:55a.m, we got an alert, and its already done with,” said Lucero.

Lucero says she received a phone call earlier from her daughter Miracle Gonzales who was in tears, saying she could see 13 Cheyenne Police Department vehicles and two bomb-sniffing dogs outside her school’s front-door-facing classroom and that students weren’t allowed to leave.

“I told her that I wont be able to go to my dentist appointment they are saying something about a bomb and shooting stuff, but I didnt really know what was happing because the teachers didnt tell us anything,” said Miracle Gonzales, a Student at South High who called Lucero.

Through a 911 call, law enforcement was told of the threat and was to set a secure perimeter around the school.

According to witnesses during the emergency, teachers and school officials were not informing students what was happening, but students had their own way.

“The kids from that class were texting some of my friends and telling them. That’s how everybody started figuring them out<” said Gonzales.

The CPD deemed the school safe, and the perimeter was lifted at 11:45 a.m., nearly an hour and a half after police had responded.

Throughout this time, students and staff remained in their classrooms. Substitute Teacher Carol Flores moved Gonzales and her classmates to a windowless laundry room in her baking class to keep students safe as she calmed her parents.

“Thankfully, her teacher that was inside and got on the phone with me and said she would do everything to protect my daughter. That she would jump in front of her if anything happened,” said Lucero.

The CPD stated on their Facebook page that parents were informed of the situation, but some parents disagreed.

According to witnesses, three students were detained, one sophomore, one freshman and the other unknown, and the incident happened after a 9 a.m. lockdown drill the same morning.

“They should have a drill that kids can safely leave the premises like why would they leave them here,” said Moreno.

LCSD1 said in a statement protocol was followed and that student and staff safety is of the utmost importance. School officials say classes will resume as usual tomorrow.

CPD says they identified only one student as the source of the threat.