The Wyoming Military celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 9:50 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Military members at F.E.Warren had a fiesta today to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

The event was not only to recognize the diversity service members bring to our military but to Wyoming as well.

On Friday, F.E. Warren military members celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a fiesta at the Trails End Event Center.

The event was months in the making and took 15 to 20 service members to organize say officials.

”For me to be a master sergent in the airforce and to represent my family ‚means a lot. So to be able to share my culture along with other cultures, you know, the airforce has given me so many opportunities to learn from so many cultures, so for me, its really important,and it makes me very emotional.” MSgt. Victoria Monzon Paramore, Flight SuperIntendent- Sustainment Services.

Once service members heard of the festivity, more wanted to participate and bring dishes from their Hispanic cultures.

The countries represented by the food brought by service members were from Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Cuban American military member Brandynne Cintaro is thankful.

Bc:-” To be able to share that culture with my peers and with the community is just very special to me. It makes me feel grateful as an american that we have this diversity and that we can learn from each other and celebrate each other,” said Capt. Brandynne Cintaro, Section Commander, 90th Missile Security Forces Squadron.

In proper Hispanic and Latino fashion, food, music, dancing, family and friends marked the occasion.

The guest speaker included Community Advocate Anne Esquivel- Redman, who spoke about her experiences growing up as a Latina in Wyoming.

As well as her struggles with discrimination and finding her place in our community.

“Cultural diversity and learning about where people came from and how they celebrate their culture is an educational process,” said Esquivel- Redman. “I hope that they learn more about the culture and the people and feel welcome here.”

Whether from Ireland, Cuba or West Africa, we all come together as a country in our shared immigrant experience.

“I just hope that everybody walks away with a change of heart and more accepting of different cultures. Just trying to see the good in every different culture because we are all different, and we have something to bring to the table.,” said Ousmane Beogo, NCOIC- ESS- 90th Missile Security Forces Squadron.

The guest speaker Esquivel-Redman also said in her speech, “Never let someone else define who you are and what you can become.”

That American Dream sentiment is why we as a whole community celebrate this month.