The city Compliance Department helps find solutions to nuisances

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 12:36 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Weeds, cracked sidewalks and overgrowth. These are some of the annoyances tenants face when the surrounding areas aren’t maintained.

So who’s responsible, and what are they responsible for?

”The first thing I would do is have a conversation with my property owner which would be the landlord. Let them know that you have a concerns about the conditions and safety of the sidewalk. Really its a public safety issue,” said Eric Fountain, Director of Compliance for the City of Cheyenne.

Fountain says the owners are responsible for maintaining properties.

In Cheyenne’s three wards, weeds, grass, as well as junk, and trash are the top two nuisances, which take up over 50 percent of complaints.

The best place to “report a concern.” is to submit it on the city’s website.

Inspectors will survey the surrounding vicinity, logging concerns, severity and priorities.

Complaints are sent to one of three departments: the city engineering department, planning and development, or compliance.

Fountain says owners can help themselves by maintaining overgrowth, debris or snow to save sidewalks from lifting or damage.

”Always go to the portal to report that concern and you can reach out to the compliance department as well and we’ll help you navigate that conversation to get the assistance to get that taken care of,” says Fountain.

Click the blue link to report a concern to the city. Or you can dial the departments directly at

Compliance Department -307-637-6477.

Public Works Department - 307-637-6263

City Engineer (1% Construction Division) - 307-637-6268

Planning & Development - 307-637-6282