The Wyoming Corner Crossing case is headed to federal court

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 10:50 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -If you haven’t already heard about the corner crossing case in Wyoming, it involves four Missouri hunters who came to hunt in our state.

They were eventually charged with criminal trespass by a neighboring private land owner when the hunters built a makeshift ladder to cross from one corner point of public land to another.

The private owner alleged the hunters trespassed onto his private land and violated private airspace.

Well, they went to court, and the hunters won that case, and the lawsuit continued into civil litigation.

But now that case is moving in front of a U.S. District Judge where the rights of public citizens, outdoors enthusiasts, and private landowners may ultimately decide the fate of 8.3 million acres of public land access across the nation.

Hunters’ rights have been a long-standing and hotly contested issue in Wyoming for years and, frankly, for most rural states that hunt.

The case of these four hunters was splashed across headline news when supporters of public lands and hunters decided to push back against the status quo.

The public has raised over $83,000 to fund these hunters’ legal battle to fight back on this issue and help establish a clear law for outdoor enthusiasts.

“This public land its ... a public asset that we should all have access to,” said Ryan Semerad, civil defense attorney for the Wyoming corner crossing case.

Semerad also likened freedom of movement through our public spaces as an American right.

“The federal government really is a servant of the people in this instance and were just trying to use in our own case, federal law that’s been established for 150 years. To say private land owners do not have the right to exclude the public from public lands, and that’s what they are trying to do when they prevent people from accessing public lands in this way, “said Semerad.

The counselors are now working to gather evidence for next spring’s hearings. According to the defense, the judge will make a final decision or send it to a jury by next summer.

We also reached out to the opposing counsel and have not heard back in time for the broadcast.