Casper Christian School to play first football game in school history

Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 9:41 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - On Friday August 26, Casper Christian School (CCS) will be hitting a milestone to kick off their second year of operation. They will be playing in their first football game against Midwest High School. CCS only enrolls a handful of students but they found enough interest to start a team for 6 man style football.

Head Coach Ryan Harrison is excited to lead the schools inaugural football season and be able to work closely with the team, “We’re up to ten guys now and the nice thing about 6 man football and having those ten guys is we can field the team but they’re all going to get to play. They’re all excited to be on the field.” Coach also noted that, not only is it the schools first year with a team, it’s also his first year coaching the 6 man style, “It’s new for me never having coached 6 man, it’s new for them never having played 6 man. It’s a faster game than 11 man football so I think the players are pumped for it.”

Although the first match is listed as a scrimmage between the teams, CCS plans to go out and give it their all for the first game. Coaches and players both expressed their excitement for the first game and looking forward to the rest of the season. “We did watch film on Midwest and they’re a good team and I’m just hoping that we can show that even though this is our first year and we’ve never done this before that we can be the top dogs and that we can play with them,” said Gideon who’s playing his first year of 6 man football.

Players and coaches have high hopes for the future of the program and hope that they can continue to grow the team along with the young school. Administrator Mark Earwood said, “The first time they strapped on a helmet they made history so everything they do is a first, and it’s a history maker and it’s a foundation layer for generations to come. So these boys have something to be proud of and so does Coach Harrison.” Tim who is a CCS player this year also noted, “I mean ultimately our goal is to be able to be playing varsity with all the schools next year, hopefully be an official 1A team but this year is just kind of a ‘prove it’ year.”

The teams first game will kick off Friday August 26, at Midwest at 6:00pm and the team also has one more game scheduled this year against Burlington on Saturday September 3. Coach Harrison said he’s happy to be able to play these games but is still on the lookout for anymore that they may be able to play.