How the Monkeypox Virus is affecting the LGBTQ Community

Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 5:25 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Monkeypox Virus is affecting more people than those currently infected.

As more cases of Monkeypox pop up across the nation, a large percentage of those cases are among the LGBTQ community. However medical experts maintain that it is not an STD, instead, a virus that is spread through skin to skin contact.

Contact such as hugging, sharing clothes or towels, and even handshakes can spread this virus, that’s most characteristic symptom is open sores, like a rash, on the skin.

Ammon Medina, the Deputy Director at Wyoming Equality, says “This isn’t a disease being driven by gay men, or men who have sex with men or bi men, this is an outbreak of a disease that has historically affected all sorts of people in our country.”

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, Monkeypox can infect anybody who comes into contact with it.

But, many see the Monkeypox Virus as a disease driven by the LGBTQ community, which Ammon says is harmful, and disinformed.

The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is also prepared for any cases that head their way, says Co-Chief Medical Officer Jeffrey Chapman.

He also says that part of the anxiety regarding Monkeypox likely has a lot to do with COVID-19, and being worried it could be bad. But, Dr. Chapman says he does not think we will see anything like what we saw the past few years.

To learn more about Monkeypox, and how it spreads, we have information here.

If you are eligible to be vaccinated, you can find a map here. This link also provides more information about who is eligible, at risk, and more general information about the disease.