Natrona County Fire District shares value in sending personnel to national fires

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 5:16 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - When large fires light up across the country, crews from local departments will send personnel to help.

The Natrona County Fire District sent resources to help fight the Fish and Sugarloaf fires. They shared the news on Facebook, wishing their own good luck and to be safe on the assignments.

The district emphasizes they only send firefighters out of the county if they know they can still safely battle blazes locally.

“We really have a good coverage on everything, and we really just kind of gauge how the season’s going if we can only send single resources out which is only two guys then we’ll only send two guys out but if it’s that time of year where we’re like yeah it’s really green we’re not burning we’ll send a truck out and maybe a single resource or however many trucks we need to send out,” said NCFD PIO Leighton Burgen.

Responding to these fires helps to train fire fighters to be better when large fires ignite in the county. Many times, the larger fires that require additional aide are not fires that are seen often in Natrona County, but having personnel trained in how to respond to them can be an asset if those rare fires are lit.

“They’re getting high quality training... and when they come back, it’s like ‘how did the role go, what did you learn, what did you bring back for us,’ they usually put on a class, and we go from there,” said Burgen.

According to Burgen, when departments respond to large fires they will bill for costs which will be used for costs of responding to those fires as well as maintaining vehicles and other supplies at the stations.

“Like any other department... they all are able to send trucks out via the federal resource website. They’ll roster a truck, just like Brush 7-4, or you know the bigger trucks, with personnel and if an incident occurs across the nation they call into dispatch, then they dispatch just like a normal incident does and we’ll respond that way,” said Burgen.

Two fire fighters from the district are now helping fight the Cedar Creek Fire in Oregon.

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