WATCH: Best from UW Football Media Day

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 1:46 AM CDT
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LARAMIE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - We ae getting very close to sun drenched Saturday’s in Laramie. While there are a few returning Pokes, there are also many new faces donning the brown and gold due to graduation and the transfer porter.

Attached are some sound bites from the 2022 Wyoming Football Media on Wednesday. The Cowboys open the season on the road at Illinois on August 27. Wyoming’s home opener is the following week, September 3 versus Tulsa.

Sound bites transcribed:

“This team has got a lot of names that are not household names for our fans out there Cowboy football, but I’m convinced before long there are gonna be a lot of household names.” - UW Football Head Coach Craig Bohl

“I’m from a country town, so ya know being a Cowboy is good. My parents are both raised on cattle ranches, so I’m used to this environment. I feel like I fit in really well with just ya know Laramie. That’s kinda how I grew up, so I’m really excited to be in brown and gold.” - UW Quarterback (Transfer from Utah State) Andrew Peasley

“It’s always a dream to be like that running back. When somebody mentions your name like ‘You go to Wyoming? You’re the running back?’ ‘Yeah’ That’s always a good feeling to have. It’s always good to be embraced by the community. I just love the feeling.” - UW Running back Titus Swen

“I’ve never worked better with a D tackle since I’ve been here. Personally like I just think when I’m out on the field like ‘This is really my guy right here.’ And ya know I just think we’re trying ya know to be better for each other and better for our team.” - UW Defensive Tackle Cole Godbout

“I feel like we’ve definitely bonded over the years like growing like playing so much [with Cole Godbout] on the field like in practice in games. It’s kinda like piggybacking off what [Cole] said. We always just wanna like we never wanna let one of our teammates down, and I feel like that’s kinda how we feel with each other and like the rest of the guys on the defense.” - UW Defensive Tackle (and Natrona County HS Grad) Jordan Bertagnole

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