Natrona County Health Department sees rise in COVID-19 numbers over the summer

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 6:58 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Over the summer the Natrona County Health Department (NCHD) has noted a rise in COVID-19 cases across the county. They say that this rise in cases wasn’t a surprise though, they had seen a similar spike last year as well. They also noted that the case numbers have seemed to even out since the initial spike from the spring.

“Since the summer started we’ve seen kind of a steady climb of COVID numbers which is pretty typical, that’s kind of what we saw last year also. It seems to kind of be plateauing for right now, so kind of just holding steady, but we are seeing a little bit higher numbers than we were earlier in the spring,” Said Hailey Bloom, Public Information Officer for NCHD.

Due to these rising case numbers the Department has seen an uptick in those who are receiving tests. They also noted that even though there is a rise in cases the severity of the cases is generally going down.

“The current transmission just seems to be more transmissible meaning that more people are getting the virus but it is having less consequences and less severity for people,” said Hailey.

She did make sure to mention though that there are still some cases where patients can get very ill and that’s why the Department continues to recommend that people get vaccinated. Hailey says, “It’s the best protection that we have.”

NCHD is now also offering youth safe vaccinations. This means that anyone from 6 months and older are eligible to receive a COVID vaccination. They are currently offering Pfizer and Moderna shots to walk ins and by appointment.

Although these shots are available the Natrona County School District will not be requiring that students get the COVID vaccine. The Schools Districts Public Information Officer Tanya Southerland said, “NCSD does not require the COVID-19 vaccine, and there are NO discussions from NCSD about requiring it.”

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