Cheney and Committee threatened

Liz Cheney during House select hearing
Liz Cheney during House select hearing(DC Bureau)
Published: Jul. 31, 2022 at 4:38 PM CDT
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Powell, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - After getting standing ovations at the Simpson-Mineta Institute groundbreaking near Powell, Wyoming Congresswoman

Liz Cheney privately admitted she and other members of the January 6th committee have gotten physical threats.

She talked about that, and the challenges she faces in a difficult campaign for her seat in Congress with Penny Preston.

Hundreds gathered at the Heart Mountain Interprestive Center stood up and clapped long and hard for Congresswoman Liz Cheney, more than once. One speaker referred to Cheney’s profiles in courage award

The Chairwoman of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation Board, Shirley Ann Higuchi remarked, “It really represents when an elected leader, or a person of power can step in and do what’s right, even if it’s not popular.”

Cheney’s father, former Vice President Dick Cheney in was in the front row, and Wyoming’s retired Senator and recent Medal of Honor winner Alan Simpson was honored once again, with the ground breaking of the Mineta-Simpson Insitute at Heart Mountan.

Simpson and Mineta met as boys scouts here during the war. They became lifelong friends.

Mineta died in May, but his family came to the dedication.

The irony was not lost here, where 14,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned during WWII…

Many later died fighting in that war, and former prisoner Norman Mineta went on to serve as Congressman, then America’s Tranportation Secretary during 911, when he was in the bunker under the White House, with then Vice President Dick Cheney

Congresswoman Cheney told the crowd, “And, Norm’s responsibility on that day was to get all of the aircraft out of the sky .”

After the ceremonies, Cheney answered the hard questions about her campaign, where she finds herself behind in the polls after co-chairing the January 6th committee’s nationally televised hearings.

Cheney remarked, “I’m working hard across the state to earn every single vote. I’ve been very clear, though, that there’s things I won’t do. I won’t lie. I won’t tell people things that aren’t true about the election. which is what some of my opponents are doing. I think the voters of Wyoming deserve better.”

Does she regret her service on the televised January 6th hearings?

She quickly answered, “Not at all…I’m going to campaign hard for every single vote all across our state, but if the choice were presented to me that I can either defend the constitution and make sure people know the truth about what Donald Trump did or I can save a seat in the house of representatives, I’m always going to put the Constitution and the truth ahead of my political career..”

Apparently, her political future is not the only risk she is facing. When asked if she had been threatened with physical harm, Cheney replied, “Well we certainly receive threats pretty consistently, and I think there are many of us on the committee who do. And, it’s an unacceptable thing that we’re in the point in our politics that violence is part of our politics.”

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