Gas prices continue to drop in Casper and around the state

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 10:16 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Over the past months people around the country have been effected by rising gas prices. This is no different for Wyoming citizens. At their peak in the state gas prices averaged as high as $4.85/gallon. Over the past month though prices around the state have steadily declined, much to the satisfaction of many Wyoming residents.

“Yeah the gas prices here are pretty great, trying to take advantage of it. Thinking about fueling up the diesel tank while I’m here because it’s almost a dollar cheaper here than where we’re at,” said Rick who was on a trip with his family filling up his truck.

Gas prices in Casper are matching what they were almost 2 months ago with the average cost getting back below $4.00 a gallon [at the time this article was written]. It’s not only Casper citizens that are appreciating the price drop though. Those who are traveling through are also appreciative of the decrease.

“We’ve been driving now for two days and we’ve traveled about a thousand miles or so, and we’ve noticed gas prices here are a little lower than they were in Montana, and of course each ten cents makes a difference especially when you’re going long haul. Filling up the truck was another 30 dollars than filling up here. It’s that substantial a change in gas prices,” said Earl who was on his way through Casper on a family road trip.

Although most folks around the country are excited to se these prices drop there are some folks who aren’t as pleased. Those who rely on the energy sector are less than thankful that prices are going down.

“I’d rather it go up. My dad’s a geologist, he actually invested in oil wells so he gets money and I get money out of it so I’m happy when the gas prices go up. That’s kind of an unusual answer right?” said Trent who is looking forward to a price increase, if one is to come again.

For more up to date information on gas prices in Wyoming and across the state you can visit the link here to see what trends may be effecting your travel.

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