Meet Your Candidates: Mills Mayor

The Wyoming Primary Elections will take place on Aug. 16, 2022.
The Wyoming Primary Elections will take place on Aug. 16, 2022.(MGN)
Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 5:22 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Mills Mayor

We contacted all of the candidates filing for Mills Mayor via email to learn more about them. Below are the candidates running for mayor. The information was written by the candidates and unedited by Wyoming News Now.

Leah Juarez

Age: 39

What is your current occupation? Owner The Fox Spa

What is your political experience: I have a lengthy history of working with the government in many facets. Dealing with federal laws, regulations, and records as GM for a major airline. Previously employed by the city of Casper as the assistant box office manager dealing with large city budgets, large cash and checks, and city operations. Compliance with the Department of Health and the State of Wyoming through my current business. Current precinct committee woman for Mills. I have worked with Casper to develop a massage therapist and facility ordinance. I am currently working with legislators to protect independent contractors within the cosmetology industry. Meetings with Casper and Mills council, county commissioners, NCIA, Dept of Labor, and an established relationship with local elected officials and state elected officials.

How long have you lived in Mills: 10 years

Why are you running: The Mills residents need a strong Mayor who will put their needs first. After uncovering many budgetary issues during the firefighter fight of 2019, I realized that pet and commercial projects had taken priority over safety. As Mayor of Mills, I will lead the way for transparency, common sense spending, and prioritize the resident’s concerns.

What is the City of Mills’ biggest challenge: Ensuring the growing population of Mills has adequate water, functional hydrants, and water line infrastructure. Transparency.

Any additional information you would like to share: On this issue of transparency, I am passionate about this topic. At one point, the city of Mills wanted to charge me $28,000 to view city records. Mills has removed its publication of the meetings in the printed paper. (I will return to this process). The steps required to publish meant that no emergency session could take place without the public finding out. Mills pulled this stunt several times to avoid public attendance. Mills has also prevented public comments in sessions from 2019. I assure you that my office will publish all the good and bad. And we will never use the media to push a narrative, as witnessed during the recent apartment fire. Government transparency is worth more than gold.

Bradley Neumiller

Age: 44

What is your current occupation: I am a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and Nebraska. I have been in the Civil Engineering field and Land Surveying for 24 years now, and Mills City Councilman for the last 2 years.

What is your political experience: I have been a City of Mills Councilman for the last 2 years and in that time I have worked towards the betterment and long term stability of the City. I have also been involved and ran several City, State and International organizations. Though this broad arrange of experience I have gained many tools to help and benefit the City of Mills.

How long have you lived in Mills: I had my house built in Mills 7 years ago but I have been around Mills since about 1980 when my grandparents moved here.

Why are you running: I am running for Mayor so I can continue to better the City of Mills and develop a foundation that will carry us into the next 100 years. This can be done in several ways and one that might be considered would be a City Manager form of Government. This would make the Mayor a figure head and the council an oversight committee. The benefit to this would be reduced cost and a council with an equal voice holding everyone accountable for what is happening. I would also like to have a more open contract environment with the City and those working for us. Right now we have some subs that have worked for the City for decades and never had to compete for the job. If elected this will stop so that the City can save money.

What is the City of Mills’ biggest challenge: The biggest challenge that Mills faces right now is project management and stability. We have had a rough couple years with COVID and the economy. This has not been really beneficial to some of the projects Mills had planned. If elected I will help stabilize this by reducing the spending in some areas and concentrating on growth, development and infrastructure. With my background in Surveying this will be a great benefit and asset to the City.

Any additional information you would like to share: Mills has come a long way in a very short period of time. This comes with many challenges and through it all the City Employees are the ones that are there daily in the trenches and they should all be thanked for the countless hours and extra effort they put in and give to the City of Mills. These people are what keeps the City going and we owe it to them to make the right choices and give them the tools and resources necessary for them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. I plan to do just that when elected Mayor of Mills.

Seth Coleman

Did not respond.