Wyoming National Guard helps caretakers

Wyoming National Guard provides for dependent care. Sgt. Kristina Kranz, Wyoming Army National...
Wyoming National Guard provides for dependent care. Sgt. Kristina Kranz, Wyoming Army National Guard.(Valeria Fugate)
Published: Jul. 13, 2022 at 11:37 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - In an effort to improve retention and attract new Armed Force members.

The Wyoming National Guard has recently started implementing some new Legislation that allows members to pay for child and dependent care while serving their country.

The Wyoming National Guard is looking for new ways to adapt to the needs of its members today and over the long haul.

“My mother-in-law watches my kid; we actually pay her to watch him,” said Kristina Kranz, Wyoming Army National Guard.

As Armed Force member numbers drop, the Wyoming National Guard is looking for new ways to keep and attract members.

”It’ll definitely help out, it’s a good benefit,” said Kranz.

Additionally, according to Wyoming National Guard officials, during the pandemic, Legislators noted the ways the guard served in emergencies.

”Looking at the service and the hundreds of soldiers and airmen who were activated by the state to work in hospitals and clinics; that kind of piqued the interest of the Legislature about the National Guard and its importance to the state and our domestic response,” Maj. Jacque, Morey, Interim Public Affairs Officer- Wyoming

This inspired out-of-the-box thinking to find ways to help overcome challenges to serving. Which led all the way to legislation.

House Bill 16 was the result.

This trust fund helps caretakers care for dependants with a stipend while serving on the weekends.

”We just noted that as an obstacle to service and we want to remove as many of those obstacles as we can,” Morey.

These funds can be paid to non-spouse family members or trusted friends.

Giving Armed Forces members peace of mind without pulling from their paychecks.

”We just bought a new house so even every little bit will help out and I won’t necessarily have to pay out of pocket for that weekend,” said Kranz.

A trust fund so that guardsmen and women can serve their patriotic duty as the sword and shield for Wyoming and the nation.

Working with the legislative branch, Guard members can train and help out when disaster strikes and know their loved ones are taken care of when they answer the call of duty.


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