Wyoming’s Hydrogen Roadmap Update

Wyoming energy authority Anja Bendel
Wyoming energy authority Anja Bendel(VALERIA FUGATE)
Published: Jul. 13, 2022 at 6:26 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - When you think of green energy, it’s easy to think of wind, solar or maybe even nuclear.

But Wyoming is looking at another avenue as well, Hydrogen.

In an effort to help diversify Wyoming’s energy to work with legacy energy and “Green-up " new energy providers, the Hydrogen Road Map is looking to be all things to all people.

It will show us the playbook the state will use to map out how hydrogen will work for Wyoming.

The Hydrogen Road Map and economic path forward are still being built.

But the end goal is to provide cleaner, more efficient energy sources and help boost Wyoming’s economy.

“There’s multiple opportunities too. There’s production opportunities, transportation opportunities, and manufacturing of equipment that is utilized throughout that process. So for all Wyomingites, there’s an opportunity in hydrogen,” says Betsey Hale, CEO of Cheyenne LEADS.

Hydrogen energy will help keep Wyoming at the forefront of energy and economic development, adding to the “all of the above” Wyoming energy strategy.

“I think our elected officials, from the Governor on down, are looking for ways to how to strengthen yet diversify Wyoming’s energy economy. They are taking the steps to help them do that,” said Hale.

These steps will utilize hydrogen as a cleaner burning fuel which could be made from renewable sources or legacy fuels.

It can also be mixed into other fuels to produce fewer carbon emissions.

”It does support our energy economy and Wyoming is an energy state. We export the vast majority of the energy we produce, whether its natural gas or coal or even the electricity that we generate,” said Anja Bendel, Program Director of Wyoming Energy Authorities.

It will eventually be used in long-haul vehicles, like cars, semi-trucks or shipping boats, that will expel minimal carbon dioxide, lessening our carbon footprint.

”We have to be responding to what the market demands are and those markets are demanding low carbon intensity energy. Hydrogen is a solution to that,” says Bendel.

Research and development will also work with the University of Wyoming school of energy resources, and we should start to see traction of this new energy within the next 3 years.

Due to the pandemic’s impact on global energy supply shortages and inflation, this new avenue will help shore up our energy needs while evolving us into the future.

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