The Wyoming Department of Health is informing the public about Monkey Pox

The Wyoming Department of Health is Informing the public about Monkey Pox
The Wyoming Department of Health is Informing the public about Monkey Pox(Valeria Fugate)
Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 10:18 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Wyoming Department of Health says even though the risk is low, they want the public to stay informed about the newest virus outbreak, Monkeypox.

There are currently cases in neighboring states, 5 in Colorado and 2 in Utah.

Experts say nationally, there are a little over 142 cases and growing currently.

Symptoms are fever, body aches, and swollen lymph nodes, followed by a blister rash. There are no available vaccines to the public, only for high-risk occupational workers.

The population segment with the highly infectious rate currently is homosexual men, and most cases are in parts of Europe and Africa.

The World Health Organization says the virus is transmitted is mostly through skin-to-skin contact but can also be transmitted by bodily fluids and respiratory droplets. Fatality rates sit at about 3 to 6 percent.

The virus has also passed from rodents, specifically prairie dogs, to animals and humans.

”We’re in a kind of a surveillance stage watching for cases watching the current outbreak to see how it grows or if we can contain it here fairly quickly and trying to be proactive in letting the public know what going,” said Clay Van Houten, Infection Disease Epidemiologist Unit Manager -Wyoming Department of Health.

Experts say Monkeypox and smallpox are related.

A smallpox vaccine stockpile was produced during 9/11 as a safeguard against biological warfare.

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, there are 2,500 and growing global cases of monkeypox from 42 countries since the beginning of this year.

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