Clear Skies and Warm Temperatures

Updated: Jun. 15, 2022 at 1:40 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

What a great Wednesday! Today started off with such clear conditions. Temperatures were cool but comfortable. There was a slight breeze, just to move the air around some. Truly a great morning. This afternoon, temperatures have started warming up. The skies have stayed mostly clear. But the winds are back and they are blowing! Even with the winds, it has continued to be a very pleasant day.

There is only slight cloud movement along the northern border.
There is only slight cloud movement along the northern border.(Ashleigh Bryant)

There is not a whole lot that is going to be happening for the forecast over the next couple of days. Today’s fast winds and clear skies will continue through the afternoon and evening. Because of the winds, there is a High Wind Warning for Laramie until 3PM this afternoon. Tonight, the Wyoming winds will calm to relaxed speeds. Sky conditions will remain clear through the overnight hours and throughout the day tomorrow. By late morning Friday, clouds will reappear within the western half of the state from the South. Other than clear skies and calming winds, the temperatures are our main weather focus heading into the end of the week.

Tomorrow is going to be calm and clear.
Tomorrow is going to be calm and clear.(Ashleigh Bryant)

Temperatures today are slightly warmer than they were yesterday, but only by a few degrees. High temperatures today are ranging from the mid 50s to upper 80s. Low temperatures tonight will range from the lower 30s to the lower 50s. Temperatures tomorrow will be warming back up into the lower 70s to mid 90s. It is going to be a warm end to our week.

It will be warming up again tomorrow!
It will be warming up again tomorrow!(Ashleigh Bryant)

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