True Bakery first anchor tenant in Food for Thought Community Space

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 6:32 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Three years ago, Wyoming Food for Thought bought a commercial kitchen space with plans to use it to help small businesses scale up. On Tuesday, June 14, True Bakery was the first anchor tenant to move into the community space.

“It’s quite amazing, it’s indescribable. I can’t put words to the emotions I was just saying yesterday, I have so many emotions going through me right now I don’t, I can’t describe them it’s just been again a blessing we’re super thankful to be here and excited to bring this town some baked goods,” said True Bakery Owner and Baker Bill Brockley Jr.

True Bakery began selling baked goods out of their home in November of 2021 after moving to Casper from Seattle during the pandemic. The baked goods at the bakery all feature a sourdough starter that Brockley Jr. started four years ago. The starter sparked his passion for bread making and now is used to leaven all of his products, including the sweets.

Since moving to Casper, True Bakery has sold its products online and at Food for Thought Markets before they began working with the organization to move into the community space.

“Starting out of our house, it was fun but we’re happy to have our fridge space and whole kitchen back,” said Brockley Jr.

Switching to the Food for Thought space has been an easy transition for Brockley Jr. What supplies their home kitchen didn’t have Food for Thought has helped to provide.

“The crew behind this are just wonderful people. Anything we need, they allow us to feel free in the kitchen. If we didn’t have something and they did they were like ‘you can just use it as much as you need to’ so it’s been really cool working with these guys,” said Brockley Jr.

Food for Thought is known for its work providing food bags for kids. The organization opened the commercial kitchen space to help cultivate a strong and vibrant local food system, which they believe is a key to fighting hunger.

“The beauty of shared use is that with multi-users in that kitchen you’re offsetting that cost of access, and so our anchor tenants can get into a commercial kitchen and a commercial space for significantly less than they would have if they just went out on their own,” said Food for Thought Executive Director Jamie Purcell.

The commercial kitchen and community space are set up to be a stepping stone to help businesses move from producing out of their home to settling into their own permanent space. The small businesses who set up their shops in the space are referred to by Food for Thought as anchor tenants, since they will be occupying the space more frequently than those that only utilize the kitchen.

“The whole intention of this kitchen space is to incubate businesses and allow them to work out the kinks, and to find a base of customer support, and then hopefully one day step out of that building so a new food producer can come in. We’re really excited to see our food producers succeed and to hopefully help them outgrow us in good and positive ways,” said Purcell.

The commercial kitchen is also utilized by a variety of Casper food trucks including Holy Guacamole and Poppa’s Pork Chop.

“They come in and they prep their food for the day, they do it in a commercial kitchen space, the amount of space and use of the kitchen is great because it doesn’t matter what size of a food business you are there’s enough space there that you can spread out and you have all the tools you need,” said Purcell.

ACS Juices will be following True Bakery into the community space next week.

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