Seton House of Casper opens after hit and run accident

Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 6:26 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - On Friday June 10, the Seton House in Casper was the victim of a hit and run accident that put a hole into the side of the concrete building. This accident was witnessed by multiple by standing citizens who immediately contacted the police and those who operate the Seton House.

The damage only extended into a small area in the corner office of the building that is usually occupied by the organizations Executive Director, Carrie Reece. Ms. Reece recounted what she saw when she arrived back to the building after the crash and said, “I have a dog kennel that I keep in the office for my dog to be at work with me and the dog kennel was caved in. The office chair that I sit in was thrown across the room too.” She also noted that a printer which had been placed in the corner that the vehicle struck, was found laying against the door on the opposite side of the room.

No other damage was caused to any other rooms in the building though and the organization credits this to it’s concrete structure. Ms. Reece said that if the building would’ve been made of a lighter material then there most likely would have been far more extensive damage. Since the damage to the building was so confined this made it possible for the organization to open it’s doors the following Monday. Only two days after the accident.

“The weekend is long enough for the families that we’re serving and Monday we have a lot of folks come in and some of their needs are small but some of their needs are big and I didn’t want to have the doors closed, and I didn’t really feel like we had another location that we could move ourselves to to conduct business,” said Ms. Reece.

Police have a strong lead on a suspect thanks to surveillance footage from the Seton Houses cameras. A vehicle with a companies logos on the side was seen driving down the road seconds before the crash. No details have been released by the Police Department but Seton House employees are confident that the perpetrator will be brought to justice quite soon thanks to both this video, and eye witnesses.

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