Sources of Strength shows kindness

As summer warms up and folks head off for vacation, LCSD1 is getting geared up for the next school year with a new program that wants to ensure everyone feels..
Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 5:47 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - As summer warms up and folks head off for vacation, LCSD1 is getting geared up for the next school year with a new program that wants to ensure everyone feels included.

After Superintendent Dr. Margaret Crespo and Mayor Patrick Collins rang the alarm on bias and discrimination, it became apparent something needed to be done for children and military families.

Out of Crespo’s “Call to Action” and Mayor Collins’ Anti-Bias Ordinance, the gap for school children still needed to be addressed, mainly with a dose of kindness.

”I know our students don’t feel like they have a voice. They don’t feel like they are being heard or valued. So we have to do something about that. I think they see a lot of ...of them in our community. We have to do something different. We have to empower them with the skills to be successful, and culturally relevant,” said Drew Hall, Access & Opportunity Coordinator- LCSD1

The Sources of Strength program for LCSD1 will address issues faced last year. To find ways to bring students together.

“They work in talking circles discussing what are the issues they’re facing. But they also come up with solutions, for those issues. and they build off of that to promote into the classroom different campaigns regarding those strengths, help-seeking behaviors, character aspects, that will help promote better climate and culture for the school,” said Chris Zimny, Violence Prevention Facilitator- LCSD1.

The purpose is to provide students with support for mental health issues and promote bias prevention.

“It’ll start the process. We’ll start to have conversations. Positive conversations around difficult topics. The only way we’re going to really get to an end, is if we start to have difficult conversations in a positive way,” said Hall.

Introducing cultures and group discussions strives to pave the way toward empathy and kindness for all segments of society.

”We’ll have facilitators, mentors, that are there to help guide the students on ways to make it effective. Give them other ideas, but it’s really based upon that student bringing forth what are the issues they are facing and also working to empower them to have that voice to come up with solutions as well,” said Zimny.

The program will bring in community speakers and hold group discussions on relevant topics and obstacles students face.

“We see so much hate. We see so much discourse of people in silos with their beliefs or their values. We got to start to open this up a little more and start to have those conversations. Bring people back in and we got to wrap our arms around our kids, and that’s the whole community, it can’t just be LCSD1,” said Hall.

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