Wyoming Game and Fish work with Metro Animal Services for deceased wildlife removal

Published: May. 20, 2022 at 9:02 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - With the arrival of summer, and expected warmer temperatures, folks may find more animals roaming around. This can cause some sick or deceased animals ending up in yards or more populated areas and this may lead to some confusion as to what to do with them.

Brian Olsen who is the Regional Wildlife Supervisor for the Casper area Game and Fish said, “We work hand in hand not only with Metro, but with the Police Department and the Sheriffs Office on these situations that we have inside city limits and around the city of Casper.”

The Wyoming Department of Game and Fish can be contacted along with Metro Animal Services or the CPD to help remove carcasses. Game and Fish may also be contacted in order to examine a sick or dying animal to determine whether or not it should be euthanized. They also want to be called in order to better track the spread of some diseases.

Mr. Olsen also said, “I think the biggest discretion that we have here are animals that are already dead in a yard may not be a top priority for us because me may be low staffed. We try to get to those if we can but otherwise we work with Metro, CPD, and the Sheriffs Office on dealing with, not only injured animals, but also animals that are in places where we need to get them to a landfill.”

Metro Animal Service and CPD also relayed a statement saying:

“When citizens encounter hurt or diseased wild animals on their property, they can call Metro Animal Services or, if unavailable, the Casper Police Department. Together, these agencies work with Game and Fish to determine an outcome for the animal based on the specific situation.”- Rebekah Ladd

The Game and Fish Casper office number can be called if you’re in need of assistance and that is (307)472-3401 . Game and Fish dispatchers may be contacted after office hours at (877)953-3847 or (877)-WGDF TIP.

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