Hospital Week Feature: IT team members

Published: May. 9, 2022 at 2:35 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - May 9 through 14 is National Hospital Week. This week we will be sharing the stories of employees at Banner Health Wyoming Medical Center in Casper.

The IT team may not be the first people that come to mind when the phrase medical employee is said, but they have a hand in every patient’s care.

“It can get stressful, especially when you’re dealing with patients in healthcare, because it’s literally life and death so we want to make sure we get it right, we get it done right the first time, and that we’re not impacting patient care, we’re enhancing patient care,” said WMC IT Director Rob Pettigrew.

“Working for the hospital here I’ve very much learned and learned to appreciate nursing, doctors helping patients. You can really see how patients are affected by how healthcare changes,” said IT Desktop Technical II Christopher Campbell.

In their positions on the IT team, Pettigrew and Campbell have different daily tasks and goals. Last week they began rolling out technology to help aid communication with patients that don’t speak English, or are hard of hearing. The tablets will allow patients to talk and be spoken to in their preferred language to help patients, doctors, and nurses understand one another better.

“We really provide the technology to assist the clinicians in servicing our patients and folks that are visiting, so we provide all that technology including the computers, wireless, the phones, anything that really has a connectivity piece we play a part in that,” said Pettigrew.

“To deploy computers, to fix certain things, if something breaks that’s my job to go out and go fix it, to help support the end users as in the nurses and what not and help support them in any way that we can,” said Campbell.

Like many that work in health care, the IT department enjoys being able to help others, even if it is in their own unique ways.

“My favorite role is really watching the technology roll out, seeing it have an impact on healthcare, seeing it have an impact on our patients family and friends, and seeing our clinicians be able to do their work more efficiently, quickly and provide better service for the patients,” said Pettigrew.

“My favorite thing is just being able to help people, so that way they can more effectively do their job. One of the greatest joys I have is I can walk up to a person who is struggling who is having a hard time with a computer issue and then help them with that,” said Campbell.

The IT team is currently working on rolling out system updates across Wyoming Medical Center as they transition into the Banner Health family. According to Campbell, the transition will be slowly rolled out across departments, but the time and effort will the worth it.

As part of the updates, WMC will be updating their computers, during the process old computers will be donated to organizations within Wyoming. Before being donated, the data stored on the computers will be safely disposed of through a third party Banner Health works with to protect medical privacy.

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