Local Jiujitsu school Madhouse does the groundwork for gold

Cheyenne kids are throwing down and laying the “groundwork” to better themselves. A local Cheyenne father does “good” by helping some kids gain confidence to...
Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 12:45 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Cheyenne kids are throwing down and laying the “groundwork” to better themselves.

A local Cheyenne father does “good” by helping some kids gain confidence to achieve big dreams.

What started as a Wyoming Father helping out his stepson turned out to help 3 local boys compete on the international stage.

Emmanuel Waddy started Jujitsu almost 13 years ago to help his stepson when he was undecided on whether he wanted to be an MMA fighter or a Marine.

With some encouragement from his mom, she steered him towards self-defense and Waddy joined in to support him.

From the first day, Waddy was hooked, dedicating every moment he could to the sport.

Waddy said the sport changed him as a person for the better and he wanted to show kids that life has so much to offer, so he eventually started his own school.

”I wanted to bring kids that option, that chance. To see what is out there, and that they can branch out. So ya I believe Jiujitsu has way more to offer,” said Emmanuel Waddy, Owner and Instructor of Madhouse Brazillian Jiujitsu.

Madhouse Brazilian Jiujitsu opened in Cheyenne 3 1/2 years ago. Most students come to his school wanting more confidence.

“This place in itself has changed our lives for the better. I don’t think I’ve ever made a better decision than being here and being a part of it,” said Megan Edelson, student of Madhouse and Mom to Kyler and Kalob.

Parents say the school brings out confidence in their kids and a sense of respect, compassion, discipline, and good sportsmanship. And that once you are at Madhouse, you’re family.

Cale Henderson was getting badly bullied in 7th grade when his dad Rick had enough, so he enrolled Cale into the school to help his son.

The transformation Rick saw was amazing, and the bully situation...kind of fixed itself during one competition.

”One of the kids that was bullying him was in the audience watching him fight. And after that, school year started and they wouldn’t come near him, they wouldn’t even try,” said Rick Henderson, Dad of Cale and Assitant Coach of madhouse BJJ.

As Madhouse grew to over 100 students, 3 local boys wanted to take their competition to the next level.

“One thing I mainly want to do is try to get gold in it or win every single match,” said Kyler Reisner, a 2 yr. student of Madhouse BJJ.

In July, these boys will be competing in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Pan-American Kid’s Jujitsu Championship in Florida.

“I want to go down there and do my best and test myself and see how good I am really. It going to be really hard. Its going to get me better and see what I can do and what I need to get better at,” said Kaleb Reisner, 3 yr. student of Madhouse BJJ.

The organization hosts the most prominent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions in the world.

” Were going to be the first 100 percent Wyoming (team) to be in that tournament. I’m looking most forward to winning that gold medal to prove that Wyoming is really good,” said Cale Henderson, a 2 yr. student of Madhouse BJJ.

The competition brings kids in from all over the world. For Waddy, it has never been about the competition, winning or losing.

”To see them smile and succeed in something they believed they would never have... Feeling that self-gratification, that ‘I did it’ moment you know theres nothing like it,” said Waddy.

As these boys move from beginners to confident competitors, we wish them the best of luck in their tournament.

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