Weekend Weather Changes

Updated: Apr. 22, 2022 at 1:40 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Yesterday was another really great day when it came to the weather conditions. Skies were mostly clear and it was warm. Those Wyoming winds were not messing around yesterday either. So far the first half of today has been fairly calm. There was a hazy film in the sky this morning and a smoky smell. Towards the afternoon, skies continued being clear and temperatures warm. Changes are on the way though.

Weather changes are on the way, moving very slowly.
Weather changes are on the way, moving very slowly.(Ashleigh Bryant)

Heavy cloud coverage and showers are on their way! The system is slowly making its way across the state today. Cloud coverage will increase across the eastern half of the state first and then the rain showers will begin impacting the rest of the state. Rain showers will take up the central and eastern portions of the state, while snow showers maintain in the western half. However, there will be a transition period overnight where rain showers will shift to snow showers. Tomorrow will be filled with snow showers from sun rise to sun set. Fast Wyoming winds from the NW will help to move this system along. By early Sunday, most of the snow showers will have cleared out.

Snow showers will continue throughout the day tomorrow.
Snow showers will continue throughout the day tomorrow.(Ashleigh Bryant)

Temperatures this week have been so warm and comfortable. High temperatures today are ranging from the lower 40s to the upper 80s. Tonight, temperatures will drop from the mid 20s in the NW corner to the lower 40s in the SE corner/ Nebraska panhandle. Tomorrow, temperatures of course are going to be cooler with help from the snow showers. High temperatures tomorrow will range from the mid 30s to the lower 50s. It will be a cooler weekend, but temperatures next week will warm back up.

Tomorrow will be cooler than any day this past week.
Tomorrow will be cooler than any day this past week.(Ashleigh Bryant)

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