Lander doctor first in Wyoming to use new McGinley Clinic technology

Published: Apr. 5, 2022 at 7:01 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Dr. Joseph McGinley has developed a variety of novel treatment solutions and holds several patents for medical devices and procedures. Two of his recent technologies can be used together to help treat wrist fractures.

“We’re really excited Dr. Ben Francisco for the first time last month had two cases where he utilized Wyoming-based technology to help his patients and he’s now offering this to patients across Wyoming,” said McGinley.

Dr. Ben Francisco is the first Wyoming doctor to use the McGinley Clinic developed IntelliSense drill and Lever Action Plate System.

“I think it’s a significant advancement how wrist fractures can be taken care of and so it feels good being able to be the first doctor in Wyoming using Wyoming produced and made technology,” said Francisco.

The Lever Action Plate System was not only developed in Casper but is manufactured in Glenrock. Dr. McGinley takes pride in the fact that it is truly a Wyoming innovation. The plate helps to realign the bones in the wrist after a fracture. This helped increase the chance that the wrist will have a normal range of motion after the fracture has healed.

“That was one of our goals was setting up and having our company headquartered in Casper. We developed a manufacturing facility right in Glenrock and we’re really proud that’s an FDA-approved facility. We can create jobs right here in the state and we’re producing the best quality products right here on-site,” said McGinley.

The IntelliSense Drill works to prevent the risk of injuring tissue while a doctor drills through bone. It automatically stops when sensors in the device recognize the end of a bone. It can also tell doctors the length of the screw needed to fill the drilled space.

“With the IntelliSense Drill we’re taking the power of sensor technology and placing it right in their hand. They don’t have to alter how they perform their surgeries or treat their patients we’re just providing additional sensors, additional feedback to make it better,” said McGinley.

McGinley developed the technology to enhance overall patient care so that physicians around the country and world can take care of more patients safely.

“We’re using technology to enhance the surgeon’s skill set to provide better care better outcome for their patients,” said McGinley.

McGinley and Francisco have been in contact with each other for two years. During that time, they have tried to create opportunities for Francisco to use the technology.

Francisco performed two wrist surgeries using the McGinley technology in March. He is excited to be a piece of the chain to help improve patient care.

“I think that it’s really awesome we in little Wyoming have some fantastic technology that’s been developed and can be used for patients and I think patients will benefit greatly from that technology,” said Francisco.

According to Francisco, the patients he has used the technology on were excited. He said both the patients are doing well and are recovering, though it is too soon to speak on recovery times compared to traditional wrist fracture treatments.

“It’s nice because it’s a really stable system, the plate, and the screws. With these two patients I haven’t been worried about them because it’s nice and stable,” said Francisco.

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