Warm and Windy

4 February 2022
Published: Feb. 4, 2022 at 10:16 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - We have enjoyed warmer temperatures today than the past few. Temperatures reached above freezing with the clouds that cleared to bring us some sunshine and start to melt some of the snow we accumulated the past few days. Min temperatures will be around 20F this weekend.

High and low temperatures for Friday.
High and low temperatures for Friday.(Ryan Shollenberger)

Winds will be a concern for Saturday, especially the eastern border and southeast portion of the state ahead of the next weak cold front that will pass through Wyoming. The morning and afternoon will see wind gusts into the from the mid 30′s to mid 40mph. Winds will shift from the southwest to the west to the northwest as the weaker system passes the state staying mostly north of us. Winds will decrease in speed into the evening. That evening, clouds and snow showers will start to move into the northwestern and central portion of the state. The National Parks will see 2-3″ of snow while the northern portion of the state will see up to 1″. The weaker front won’t make its way entirely to the Cheyenne area bringing small isolated snow showers into the southern portion of the state late Saturday and Sunday morning with trace amounts of snow up to 1/2″.

Light snow throughout the state with a weaker cold front moving over the north of Wyoming.
Light snow throughout the state with a weaker cold front moving over the north of Wyoming.(Ryan Shollenberger)

After the winds and light snow pass this weekend, not much weather is forecasted to start next week besides warming temperatures into the low to mid 40′s. Low temperatures will be at or below freezing. Expect mild weather around at climatological norms for the beginning of the week.

Max wind speeds Saturday afternoon.
Max wind speeds Saturday afternoon.(Ryan Shollenberger)

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