Rex Rammell unveils 2022 gubernatorial campaign bus

Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 6:38 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Rex Rammell, a Rock Springs veterinarian, announced his intentions to run for Wyoming Governor in early 2021. On Jan. 26, 2022, the candidate unveiled his campaign bus.

Rammell designed and paid for the project. He says he hopes it shows Wyomingites that he is serious about his run for governor.

“We’ve continued the goal, it started in 2010 in Idaho, but it’s continued to 2022 now in Wyoming to become the governor. The reason I want to become governor is it’s the only position I know of that really has power to change things,” said Rammell.

Rammell ran against Governor Mark Gordon in 2018, as a member of the Constitution Party. Rammell has run for a variety of different government positions, in Wyoming and Idaho without success.

Rammell’s primary goal is Wyoming sovereignty. He says that by taking control of over 30 million acres of federal land in Wyoming the state can control its major industries. He believes that if Wyoming can reclaim its federally owned land, many other western states would follow suit.

“The federal government owns a major portion of the west and if the public lands could be moved over to the state, all that revenue comes with it. The federal government would get the message that the states are rising up and don’t want to be controlled,” said Rammell.

Another point of interest for Rammell, reforming the education system in Wyoming. He points to Superintendent Jillian Balow’s resignation as a sign that Governor Gordon and past governors have failed to improve education in the state.

“Nobody has had the courage to stand up and provide the leadership to reform our education system and make it better,” said Rammell.

He says school-of-choice opportunities need to be more widely available so parents can have more control over where their children go to school. Rammell says that by working with his wife Linda, who has been a teacher, they can create educational change.

“We have not had a republican leader that was willing to push it and make it happen, and that is something that I think could change the whole ballgame. You put competition into education and the quality goes up and the price goes down,” said Rammell.

Rammell says that teachers are not the ones to be blamed for the current education system, but that the system itself is broken.

When it comes to energy, Rammell wants to continue supporting the fossil fuel industry. He says he is not opposed to alternative energy sources.

“I’m not buying into the climate change hysteria, I’m just not buying into it. I’ve spent more time reading into climate change science over the last few years than I ever wanted to... the evidence is just not there that the rising CO2 is destroying the planet,” said Rammell.

Rammell says that wind farms and other energy sources should be supplemental to fossil fuels. Wyoming, according to Rammell, is known for its open spaces and natural views and too many windmills can have a negative effect on the state.

“We stay strong on fossil fuels and get control over public lands so we’re not regulated out by agendas, but Wyoming is an energy state, so all forms are acceptable to me,” said Rammell.

When it comes to the impact he wants to have on voters, Rammell says he hopes people recognize him as a Republican with values that set him apart from Governor Gordon.

“Rammell grew up in the west, he’s traditional, he’s independent, he’s a cowboy, and I think I’m going to contrast well with Governor Gordon on the issues that he’s pushing,” said Rammell.

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