Small steps to taking care of your mental health in stressful times

Mental health in stressful times. Aimee Foster Clinical Psychologist VOA
Mental health in stressful times. Aimee Foster Clinical Psychologist VOA(Valeria Fugate)
Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 10:48 AM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Whether you’re teleworking or remote learning, most folks are under a lot of stress these days and struggling, add illness to this, and a lot of folks are left overwhelmed, burnt out, and anxious.

Aimee Foster, Clinical Psychologist and Vice President of Hero Health for the Volunteers of America say there are steps you can take, to care for your mental health.

“When you’re looking at your computer screen all day long ...your eyes get tired, and they need a let them rejuvenate. Well, your mind is the same way, you have to give it breaks. In order for us to maintain mental and emotional wellbeing, we have to nurture that side of us we have to do the things that bring us joy that helps us feel rested and recharged,” said Foster.

To deal with stressful times, experts recommend starting with certain small steps towards positive improvements.

They recommend getting outside and being active can be in some instances as beneficial as medication.

Also, be present in your tasks, compartmentalize your mental space to what is in front of you and avoid multi-tasking.

Have a designated task space and a specific start and finish time to be able to let go once you’re done your tasks.

Allow yourself to take 15 minutes throughout the day to re-charge on things that bring you joy and are fun.

“Mental health is important. It’s something that we need to nurture. We need to pay attention to and we need to work on improving if were going to be healthy individuals,” said Foster.

For issues like depression or anxiety, experts recommend finding a counselor you click with, or someone that specializes in your mental illness.

Volunteers of America offer a sliding fee scale for telehealth resources for psychiatric care and counseling services.

For more information on the VOA, counseling services click here. For more information on the Volunteers of America Northern Rockies click here.

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