Recent arrests in Laramie County, January 3-7

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 12:23 AM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - All parties are considered innocent unless proven guilty.

Verilyn Garnier, 42, Domestic battery, Strangulation

Jon Kelley, 53, Fail to maintain lane, Driving withing ignition interlock, Driving while suspended, DUI, No seatbelt

Jose Leon-Figueroa, 20, Domestic battery

Erika Martinez, 30, Assault with deadly weapon with injury

Shania McMickell, 25, Possession of schedule 1, Possession meth, Possession marijuana

Sabrina Montgomery, 27, Domestic battery

Danny Moore, 67, Domestic battery

Donald Reynolds, 44, DUI, Possession of open container

Chad Smith, 51, Theft

Javier Torralba, 26, Domestic battery, Interference, Failure to appear, District court warrant

Armando Tail, 21, Domestic battery

Darius Bigby, 31, Domestic battery, Destruction of property

Jamie Chapman, 35, Theft

Merena Schlosser, 23, Failure to appear warrant, Failure to appear, Possession meth

Chance Schofield, 33, DUI

Brice Tipton, 31, Fail to Appear, Possession of controlled substance

Adam Casey, 34, DUI, Fail to slow for parked emergency vehicle, Fail to merge for parked emergency vehicle

Steven Hartley, 28, DUI

Kolten Heath, 24, Failure to pay, Fail to maintain lane, Fail to stop, Vehicle registration, No liability, Fleeing eluding, Reckless driving, Interfering

Chad Kolkman, 40, Assault aggravated with deadly weapon

Kaeleigh McLelland, 20, Domestic battery

Michael Baker, 36, DUI

John Johnson, 38, DUI, Interference with peace officer, Follow too close, Possession open container, Assault simple, Proof liability

Marissa Ochsenfield, 33, Fail to maintain lane, DUI

David Lopez, 29, Domestic battery

Devin Cason, 32, DWUI

Derek Diaz, 22, DUI

Zachary Hernandez, 40, Assault agg w/injury w/deadly weapon, Strangulation, Domestic battery

Terry Milner, 74, DWUI, Drive a vehicle within a single lane, Right of way to emergency vehicle

Juan Pecina, 42, DUI, Driving without interlock, Wrong way, Possession open container

Anthony Teppert, 36, Criminal entry

Joseph Vest, 31, Fail to maintain, Reckless driving, Aggravated flee/elude bodily injury to other, Agg flee/elude property damage, Wyoming warrant, Destruction property

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