Wyoming is ready for the snow

Wyoming is ready for the snow. Rand Hickman, Manager, City of Cheyenne, Streets and Alleys Dept.
Wyoming is ready for the snow. Rand Hickman, Manager, City of Cheyenne, Streets and Alleys Dept.(Valeria Fugate)
Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 9:16 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Wyoming Department of Transportation and the City of Cheyenne snowplows are taking on the storm to keep the roads safe.

State-wide, WYDOT is prepared to handle Wyoming’s winter weather with an army of 500 snow trucks.

Once the snow starts, 100 snowplows will hit the roads and plow in rotation—all depending on the intensity of the snow.

”Give plows plenty of room to work. If possible, stay behind the plow, and let the plow get off before you pass, but certainly be very careful,” said Mark Horan, Public Information Specialist for WYDOT.

The interstates are WYDOT’s priority, and high winds and snow drifts determine which roads will stay open.

I-80 between Laramie, Rawlins and Summit is typically close to light and high profile vehicles in high wind events.

Travelers are advised to check Wyoming’s 511 or WyoRoad.Info for the most current road information.

”The conditions are updated in real-time. So if there are advisories for white-out conditions then that’s something to take seriously,” said Horan.

The City of Cheyenne will also have its snowplows out by noon to midnight on rotation and average 12 trucks per shift.

”Its a tough place to forecast for snow. It’s why they give you such a broad spectrum there 5 to 10, and the wind speed. If the wind picks up, it can be challenging it’ll start drifting. We’ll have to deal with that, but its not our first snowstorm, so we’re ready for that,” said Randy Hickman, Manager of the City of Cheyenne, Streets and Alley Dept.

Officials say they will ensure the main roads, like Yellowstone and Central, are passable for emergency vehicles.

Secondary roads like Windmill and Ridge get cleared next, and neighborhoods with schools, hills, or major intersections are third.

The public can go to the City’s snow plan on their website to know what roads are scheduled to be cleared.

”Our guys are going to be out there. Just be patient, we’ll get around to all of the roads that we need to. If we do happen to miss one, feel free to call in or put in a request and we’ll do our best to get to it,” said Hickman.

Folks can make a request online or call their direct number at 307-637-6263 if roads are bad.

“We just ask people to take it slow. When driving on ice, give yourself plenty of time. Make sure your car is fully fueled. Ready to go and drive as safe as you can in these kinds of conditions,” said Horan.

If you spin out or get stuck in a ditch, WYDOT recommends staying in your car for shelter and calling 911 or the State Highway Patrol.

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