Health survey helps meet community needs

Health survey helps meet community needs. Amy Spieker, Exec. Dir. -Laramie County Community...
Health survey helps meet community needs. Amy Spieker, Exec. Dir. -Laramie County Community Partnership(Valeria Fugate)
Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 4:31 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Every 3 years, the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center creates an assessment survey to understand the community’s health needs.

The survey is backed by health partners, like the City County Health Department and the Laramie County Community Partnership, to collect this data.

“These issues are not something that one entity in our community can solve. And it really takes all of us coming together to play our small part, or big part to change these conditions,” said Amy Spieker, Executive Director of Laramie County Community Partnership.

This year the partnership used “social determinants of health” to decide what issues create current health needs.

The 3 the committee came up with were...

Neighborhoods and Physical Environments, things like housing, safety, and transportation.

The Healthcare System, do people have access to quality and culturally competent care?

And Economic Stability, do people have employment, sufficient income, and financial security.

The program that gets established from this survey will help shore up health programs to help the most people possible.

“Is this something that is going to help one person or is it going to actually change the framework for our community? We really want to be looking at some of these, like we’ve talked about underlying conditions. Is there a way that we can not just help a person experiencing homelessness right now, but how do we actually prevent people from experiencing homelessness altogether,” said Spieker

In the next three months, the team will find out whether these programs already exist and need more support or how they can make them happen.

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