Hillsdale-Barney looking to open a charter school in Mills

Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 5:21 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The doors of a former school may be opening once again, but this time with a new concept. Hillsdale-Barney owns and operates charter schools across the country, but state laws prohibited them from opening on in the Cowboy State. After years of hard work, that’s now changed.

“We have some gentleman that were working with our state legislatures to get this law changed so that they could come and that passed through legislation last session,” said Sabrina Kemper, the Community Development Director for the City of Mills.

Plans are in place for the charter school to be housed in the former Mills School building and open in September of 2023. Like many older buildings, this one has seen its fair share of vandalism with 21 windows currently broken. City officials are working hard to make sure it’s prepared for the opening.

“Funding is going to come somewhat from the City of Mills but they’re going to reimburse us or you know we’re going to lease our building so they’ll pay us back in that regard to be able to fund that,” said Kemper.

Along with fixing windows and removing graffiti, the city has to de-winterize the building after being isolated for three years. This charter school is planned to be funded by Natrona County and parents will not have to pay for their child to attend.

“Curriculum is different. The teachers, the staff, the principal, the supplies are a lot of money paid through Natrona County,” said Kemper.

The city is excited to welcome a school back to Mills and reduce travel time for students.

“It’s a long time for kids to be on the bus and it’s a long time for parents to have to fight traffic and go that far when they can just come a shorter distance and come to Mills that’s going to be much more convenient for them,” said Kemper.

Hillsdale-Barney is holding an open house on Tuesday, December 7th at the Mills Senior Center at 6 PM.

This school is K-12 and will be open to anyone in Natrona County.

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