Gillette YouTubers represent Wyoming in YouTube campaign

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 10:40 AM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Gillette YouTubers Our Wyoming Life have been selected to represent Wyoming in the national YouTube campaign “The United States of YouTube.”

“We weren’t expecting anything from YouTube in fact being in Wyoming and not being a huge YouTube channel... when YouTube calls you answer the phone you know and so we ended up talking to them and it was totally out of the blue we had no idea it was coming they said ‘we want you to represent Wyoming on the United States of YouTube,” said Mike Galloway.

The United States of YouTube campaign is a guide to small businesses on YouTube and celebrates entrepreneurs who are making an impact on their local communities.

Erin and Mike created their channel in 2017 to advertise their farmer’s market booth. The video ended up on Reddit, and the next morning their channel had over one thousand subscribers.

The couple decided to take advantage of their popularity to show their viewers the work that goes in to animal agriculture. They upload multiple videos weekly with the goal to entertain, educate, and bring awareness to agriculture. They strive to bring the consumer and the producer closer together and show where food comes from and the families behind it.

“YouTube was one of those things that when it first happened, we were like ‘nothing’s ever gonna happen with this’ it’s one of those just pipe dream type of things, but we have learned if you put in the time if you put in the effort you put in the work you know crazy things can happen,” said Galloway.

You can watch Erin and Mike share their life on their ranch at Our Wyoming Life on YouTube.

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