Miss Wyoming USA Mackenzie Kern to compete at Miss USA

Published: Nov. 19, 2021 at 10:32 AM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Casper resident Mackenzie Kern is hoping to make history as Wyoming’s first Miss USA. Kern was crowned Miss Wyoming USA in June at the state competition at Natrona County High School. Wyoming News Now reporter and anchor Haley Roedder sat down with Kern in the studio yesterday to hear about her year as a titleholder so far and her hopes for Miss USA.

So how has your’s been coming up on about six months maybe....Time flies wow!

“It’s insane. I don’t know how we’re in the Christmas season. I haven’t even had a moment to be like oh my gosh it’s the holidays because it’s Miss USA time but yeah time flies.”

Absolutely so how would you say that your year has gone so far?

“Amazing. There’s just been so much travel which after a year like Covid and everything like that, everything’s been such a blessing so I’ve really cherished every moment and it’s been just a new life. Everything is so fast paced you never know what’s coming especially with Miss USA. Actually if you win the pageant you go straight to Israel for Miss Universe so lots of just unexpected things to come.”

How has your Miss USA prep been going? You leave really soon to go represent Wyoming. How does that feel?

“I can’t even explain how it feels. It’s the craziest thing. I do leave on Sunday to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the competition and honestly it’s been fast paced but it’s been a beautiful journey and I’ve just been living in the moment. The whole time.”

Absolutely and what are you looking forward to as you continue your time as Miss Wyoming USA and possibly Miss USA, what are you hoping to accomplish as a titleholder?

“I just want to prove that no matter where you’re from you really can accomplish anything. In Wyoming especially I think it would be a beautiful thing for young girls to see someone accomplish something that’s never been done before. Wyoming hasn’t even won Miss USA nor Miss Universe so for girls to see that and know they could follow in my footsteps would be everything I could ever dream of.”

You know having this opportunity...what are you overall... I know being a role ambassador everything like that...what has been the highlight of that for you so far and as you continue on in life with the crown and both without?

“I think my ability to connect with women and men honestly just everyone in this state I’ve had so much opportunity to speak with people and relate to them and through real life experiences. I have this deeper connection with people because people see me in a crown and sash and they’re like ‘oh she has her life all together’ but in reality I’m just human, so having that understanding and that realness to just relate to people has been so beautiful. I’m able to connect with everyone in a very genuine way so that’s my favorite part about it.

Absolutely and so what are you looking forward to most with miss USA coming up being able to go to Tusla and being connected with your sister queens. What are the highlights of that experience for you?

“Honestly...knowing that my family’s going to be in the audience. It means a lot to me. They’ve been my saving grace in this whole experience, and I need to tell them that more often it gets pretty crazy at time but I really couldn’t do this without them and the support of the people in my state that have been along this journey with me.And being able to show my wardrobe! I love fashion and I put my heart and soul into all of my wardrobe and was able to work with an incredible designer. It represent not only just me but what i think it means to be a Wyoming girl and everyone who lives here.”

How can people go about watching the competition if they want to support you? Whether that’s preliminary competitions...the actual final do people support you?

“If you go to there is people’s choice and you can vote for me there but I know that the final telecast is going to be on November 29th on Hulu live through FYI so you can watch me there and support Wyoming.”

All of us here at Wyoming News Now wish you the best of luck, Mackenzie!

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