Joint Committee meeting talks health costs on Friday

Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 4:47 PM CST
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - If you pay for prescriptions or need to visit the doctor anytime soon, the costs of some of those services are being discussed in the Capitol today.

The Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee held a meeting Friday. The topic of discussion was health care costs and insurance.

“We’re proposing some changes in the way we handle those PBMs the pharmacy benefit mangers and thats going to affect some people some good some bad. Actually its going to effect everybody some good and some bad. Its going to cost some people money and its going to help some people with some things,” said Senator Fred Baldwin, Dist. 14.

The Joint Committee discussed amendments to the 2021 House Bill 38 in the abbreviated meeting.

They discussed Pharmacy Benefit Manager legislation, which involves pharmacies, drug companies, the cost of medication and how much health care and insurance can charge.

The Committee is proposing some changes to Pharma Benefit Managers (PBM), which negotiates the costs of drugs for patients and payers; they also discussed the effects of Covid-19 on hospital staffing shortages, cost of travel nurses, and medical supplies.

“Is owner of many PBMs and it looks like a monopolization is taking place. So we’re just trying to stabilize the market by being just and writing laws that are just for everybody and not just for one player or two,” said Rep. John B. Romero-Martinez, Dist. 44.

Employee group insurance, the final hearing of draft HB1006- Vaccine requirements limitations, and SF1007-COVID and mRNA vaccines-regulation and restriction were also discussed.


PBM bill 22LSO-0147 and HB 1006 passed, SF1007 failed.

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