CY Middle School honors veterans with celebration of service

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 5:41 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - CY Middle School hosted a Veterans Day celebration presented by the music and social studies programs. Veterans got to meet with members of the Student Council and have donuts and coffee. Then, the orchestra, band, and choir are put on performances for the veterans, their families, and students.

“Well this is a revisit to the celebrations that we’ve had in the past obviously there have been some different scenarios but I know at CY and District 1 these celebrations have been going on for at least the last fifteen years or so and so we’re excited to welcome veterans back into our building again this year,” said CYMS Assistant Principal Brent Jurgensen.

Student Council members got to ask questions to different veterans about where they traveled while in the service and why they chose to serve.

During the reception veterans had the chance to chat with one another and a few active-duty military members.

When veterans transitioned from the library to the commons space, they were individually recognized by having their name and branch read to students, teachers, and family members.

During the concert, the band, orchestra, and choir performed a mixture of original songs and patriotic numbers including “The National Anthem,” “America the Beautiful,” and “My Country Tis of Thee.”

One veteran pointed out, that first responders also deserve thanks and recognition.

“But you know it’s not just the military that deserves that recognition either it the police and the first responders and all the EMTs and fire department and not just veterans they all deserve it,” said Navy Veteran Wayne Lawhorn.

During the event five eighth grade students gave speeches on how to honor veterans in their everyday lives.

Senator John Barrasso also attended the event while veterans were being recognized he shook hands and passed service members a medallion honoring their service. He later gave a speech to students and veterans in attendance.

“Think of the veterans who are here with us today, some are parents of the students, some are grandparents, others members of the community... thank you,” said Senator Barrasso.

CY Middle School hosts a Veterans Day celebration annually.

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