Wyoming Medical Center helps resident celebrate her 100th birthday

Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 5:43 PM CST
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Staff at Wyoming Medical Center celebrated a special birthday Monday afternoon. Clotilde McFarland has been a patient with WMC for over forty years and staff wanted to do something special to celebrate her 100th.

“They’ve got me this far, and that’s 100, and thank God for that I really appreciate that I’ve been here that long,” said McFarland.

Clo is originally from South Dakota. She left the west to pursue a life in Chicago where she worked as a stenographer and for government officials. That all changed when she was connected with her future husband on a train before the second world war.

“Trains were packed with service men. Only two other women on that and they never moved a muscle, but we were dancing all the way miles home because they were going to war or going home for five days,” said McFarland.

Clo and her husband moved to Casper in 1947, shortly after her second daughter was born. She’s loved in ever since saying there is a lot to do and a great community.

“I love all the music, country and western music and everything. I like shopping in Casper and everything is really nice it’s been a good home for me,” said McFarland.

Staff at Wyoming Medical Center say they are excited to be a part of Clo’s life and celebrate this monumental day with her.

“Clo really lives her life. She has fun and she enjoys living life and I think that’s really important,” said Mary Frances Burk, Clo’s doctor at Wyoming Medical Center.

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