Wyoming Legislative Special Session starts their vote on the Federal vaccine mandate

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 9:20 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Federal vaccine mandate has ruffled feathers in Wyoming, stirring concerns over liberty, the government, and individual state practices.

The Wyoming Legislature special session meeting started on Tuesday. The preliminary meeting discussed the rules of engagement for voting on the mandate.

The original schedule was designed around adopting the special session voting rules, which were voted against.

Leadership will now have to decide the vaccine voting schedule for the rest of this week.

All decisions will require a two-thirds majority vote.

“So we have to have a very good reason to change the rules, and that was the discussion here today. Since it’s such a unique circumstance, this is only the second special session we’ve ever called as a legislature. S the question was, are those regular rules going to work for us or are we going to need something different?” said Brian Boner, Senator, District 2.

Voices of dissent came loud and often from Senators and citizens regarding the mandate in Wyoming as demonstrators took to the Capitol steps.

“They’re afraid of losing their jobs and forced to choose to make that awful choice between, choosing their career and livelihoods, over being forced into getting a medical treatment that they may or may not want or need,” said Bo Biteman, Senator, District 21.

People came to voice their concerns about limiting personal liberty over what they chose for their health and bodies. Others thought the demonstration was more constitutional.

“It’s not as much to push any particular idea, but to gain or to encourage open discussion and open forums which is really the value of the first amendment,” said Ethan Faber, resident.

The new vote will prolong deliberations on the vaccine vote as decisions are made throughout the week.

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