Clouds and Rain Entering The Weekend

Updated: Oct. 8, 2021 at 2:00 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -

Today, clouds and showers are keeping consistent. Lots of heavy cloud coverage is taking up the western half of the state. These clouds and showers will be sticking around at least for the next two days. This system is continuing to push in from the southwestern corner and western border.

Lots and clouds and showers again today.
Lots and clouds and showers again today.(Ashleigh Bryant)

This evening, showers are expected across the southern half of the state with lots of cloud coverage continuing. Overnight, the southeastern corner will see lighter cloud coverage as the rest of the state continues to see showers throughout the night. Tomorrow, clouds and rainy conditions continue. Winds speeds in the southeastern corner are going to pick up. Those winds will get into the mid 20 miles per hour, creating stiff breeze across the southeast. Showers will continue through the evening and overnight tomorrow.

Continue to see showers tomorrow as wind speeds pick up.
Continue to see showers tomorrow as wind speeds pick up.(Ashleigh Bryant)

Smoke is in its light conditions in the southeastern corner again today. By Saturday afternoon, most of the smoky conditions will “wash-out” as more clouds and showers push through the state. Sunday, heavier light smoke is expected to return to the northeastern corner.

Smoke will clear out Saturday afternoon.
Smoke will clear out Saturday afternoon.(Ashleigh Bryant)

Temperatures are on their way to cooling down. Temperatures across the state today are in the 60s and 70s. Temperatures tonight will cool into the 30s for the northwestern corner and 40s for the rest of the state. Tomorrow, temperatures will be cool. High temperatures will range from the 40s in the northwestern corner to the upper 60s in the southeastern corner. The temperatures will continue like tomorrow over the weekend into Monday. The middle of next week, expect a cold snap.

There will be a wide range in temperatures tomorrow.
There will be a wide range in temperatures tomorrow.(Ashleigh Bryant)

With cooler temperatures making another appearance and sticking around, KGWN is introducing the Halloween Countdown. There are officially 23 days until Halloween. Have you figured out what to be this year? Princess, Pirate, Dinosaur?

There are 23 days left until Halloween!
There are 23 days left until Halloween!(Ashleigh Bryant)

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