The Innovation and Entrepreneur Advisory Council met to discuss programs for local youth

Dr. Michelle Aldrich, Cheyenne City Council
Dr. Michelle Aldrich, Cheyenne City Council(Mia Johnson)
Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 5:45 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The newly-formed Innovation and Entrepreneur Advisory Council has only met a handful of times, but is already thinking ahead when it comes to the future of Cheyenne.

This week, LCSD1 Superintendent Dr. Crespo collaborated with Laramie County Community College representatives within the council, to discuss how to spark interest for innovation and technology in our youth. The council discussed internships, partnerships and apprenticeships for local students to provide the opportunity to be committed to the community at an earlier age, and to grow the Southeastern Wyoming workforce; from high school, to college to employment.

The council also spoke with a business industry liaison to determine what City ordinances need to be reexamined in order to remove some of the roadblocks. The council meets to encourage the expansion and inclusion of entrepreneurship in order to make Cheyenne more business-friendly.

“Helping businesses be able to grow their business as well as encouraging new businesses, and really business and industry across Wyoming is really built on small businesses with less than ten employees, and so trying to encourage that entrepreneurial activity is huge, and a lot of times that is where a lot of our larger companies get started is as Mom and Pop businesses,” said Councilwoman Dr. Michelle Aldrich.

By evaluating what needs changed or updated in Cheyenne, the council can better serve the city to evolve as business and technology evolve.

The Innovation and Entrepreneur Advisory Council meets every first Tuesday of the month.

“There’s not very many places you can be at your desk working, and finish up, close your laptop for the day at 5:00, and be out on the golf course, or out at Curt Gowdy or Vedauwoo within thirty minutes. We have really the best of both worlds; we can have our professional life, and then enjoy the outdoor sports and recreation that Wyoming has to offer,” said Aldrich.

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