UW’s Craig Bohl explains his close relationship with special teamers

University of Wyoming Head Football Coach Craig Bohl has worked closely with special teams for years, which is uncommon for head football coaches, and his close eye has helped the unit succeed.
Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 11:42 PM CDT
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LARAMIE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - A head college football coach is like a Fortune 500 CEO, and special teams are often the forgotten branch of the “company.”

Special teams are centered around the skills of kickers, snappers and holders.

University of Wyoming Football’s “CEO” and Head Coach Craig Bohl has worked closely with the special teams units during his time in Laramie.

Bohl said years ago he was evaluating his role as the head coach and how he could benefit special teams.

“While I don’t proclaim myself an expert, [what I can do is] to give those guys some support and structure and resources whether it be film review or meeting time and things like that,” said Bohl explaining why he took an active role managing special teams. “Many times as a head football coach, I’ve chosen to be a CEO head coach and not be a play-caller on either side of the football, and so that gives me some extra time to spend with a guy like [kicker] John [Hoyland].”

Kicker John Hoyland said it’s “good” to have guidance from his head coach.

“He’s not like over the top with like, ‘You got to do this, or you got to kick a certain way,’” said Hoyland. “He’s really good at accommodating to how we kick and just giving us suggestions on what he’d like to see more of for the most part and just oversee the whole operation.”

“So it’s kind of cool to have a head coach that can watch our kicking, so he can truly understand my limitations during games and how far we can kick it, and he just knows how we kinda go.”

The University of Wyoming kicks off its football season on Sept. 4 against Montana State.

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