Wyoming Medical Center seeing more Covid-19 related hospitalizations

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 4:55 PM CDT
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Wyoming Medical Center is seeing an increase in hospitalizations as the delta variant makes an appearance in Natrona County.

Hospitalization numbers are reaching close to what they were last fall. Staff says nine out of ten patients are not vaccinated and the people hospitalized are five to ten years younger than what they saw during the peak last fall.

“When the delta variant came out to here that the reproductive value was almost doubling every two weeks so instead of one person infection two to four’s somewhere between five to nine people closer to eight people,” says Chief of Primary Care Doctor Andy Dunn.

Wyoming Medical Center has plans in place to ensure there are beds, providers, and supplies to combat the rising numbers.

Doctor Dunn says festivals and other summer events can cause the virus to spread more easily, especially a strand as contagious as the delta variant.

“If we’re not vaccinating and we’re not creating herd immunity, then the virus is thriving in these communities, and it’s just gonna keep evolving. That’s the problem like small pox and polio...people just really need to get the vaccine,” says Dunn.

Doctor Dunn has noticed that patients with the vaccine have less severe symptoms and make quicker recoveries. He encourages Wyomingites who have not received the vaccine yet, to please consider it.

“Above all else, please vaccinate. Talk to your doctor about it, take to providers about the vaccine. It’s something gift horse in the mouth quite honestly,” said Dunn.

Doctor Dunn also recommends if you experience any symptoms of Covid-19 to get tested as soon as possible.

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