Navy swears in new recruits for Navy Week in Cheyenne.

Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 6:37 PM CDT
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Under the steady gaze of Vice-Admiral Sean Buck of the U.S. Navy, also the Superintendant of the Naval Academy. Fifteen recruits stood in front of the Capitol building Monday to pledge their oath to protect the constitution and enlist in the Navy.

“Most importantly the thanks go to the families. The Moms and the Dads and the brothers and the sisters, that have faith in our Navy and faith in our country. To allow their sons or daughters to serve in an organization much larger than themselves... My thanks to these young men and women, who just swore an oath to show the courage to join and do something for their country,” said Vice Admiral Buck.

As these men and women completed their ceremony in front of family and friends, some on-lookers were nostalgic and proud of their family legacies.

“My Grandpa over here was in the Sea Bees (C.B.s/Construction Battalions) so it’s something I know he’s going to be beyond proud of and I’m beyond proud of it for him... I mean if you’re going to have a dream, you might as well chase it,” said Brei-Lynne Nelson, big sister of Naval recruit.

The recruits will depart to the Great Lakes Bootcamp, where they will begin their 9 to 10-week training in Illinois.

Afterward, they will begin their initial assimilation into the Navy, where they will receive their particular field, which they will serve worldwide.

”The Navy is a great career opportunity and I cant wait to start my adventure,” said Brenden Trembath, naval recruit.

Other on-lookers included Naval Officers, The Mayor, retired Veterans, and World War 2 Veterans.

When asked about being in the Navy, one World War 2 Veteran, now 93, reminisced...

“Ya I was pretty proud to be in there,” said William Smith, Motor Machinist -3rd Class.

Navy week is from July 26th to Aug 1st, and will have virtual tours, naval bands, flag ceremonies at CFD, and much more.

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